Political consultant, PR specialist

BSc in Applied Maths

Brevity is the soul of wit? Then I am incredibly talented. The world is changing too quickly and there is no time left for empty talk. While others will keep you busy with meaningless meetings and chatter, I will already do my job. I don't get paid for empty words, I get paid for information that others simply won't find.

While you are making your morning coffee, I have already hunt out all the news that interest you. In the world of information noise, I handpick the juiciest and most influential articles. I could have been building colliders or studying the thousandth decimal place of pi, but media is much more interesting. I analyze, sort and put things in order in the chaos of information faster than you ask for it. Is there a confusion or a pile of incomprehensible data around? Not on my watch!

I structure, systematize, shorten and laconize everything around me. I can understand legal wording and explain simply what it is about. My motto is “live with a piece of chalk”, whatever that means.
Our project teams consist of experienced professionals in different fields that are necessary for success of a certain project. These fields include the following, but aren’t limited to:

• Regional and International politics
• Ukrainian internal policy
• Political consultancy
• Media consultancy
• Campaigning
• Creative activations
• Sociology and research

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We also practice paid internships for talented students.
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